Bruno Desplanques

On the edge

Wall compositions in enamelled lava stone

Although Bruno Desplanques is nowadays mainly devoted to lava stone enameling, he considers himself more of a painter than a ceramist.

He composes his "paintings" of enamelled lava stone as he composes his paintings, without prior drawings, between letting go and control of the gesture.

He poses and superimposes the pigments in successive layers, giving way to the vagaries of the medium and accompanies the emergence of images that, although they may seem likely, as reminiscences of landscape traveled, are nonetheless a whole spots of color conducive to summoning the imagination and contemplation.

He likes to think that one enters his painting as one starts a walk in the forest with the desire to get lost, to make a way and to discover new horizons on the edge.

These pictorial compositions whose technique and support weather resistant are designed to be presented outdoors in parks and gardens in a sustainable way to dialogue with architecture and nature.

At this next exhibition, Bruno Desplanques wants to invest different spaces of the Garden of the Delaro Gallery with these "walls of painting".

He will present a series of murals of 180 x 120 cm along the aisles and perspectives to invite the viewer to walk and contemplation.

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